Once upon a time in Ancient #Ewenyigba, when folks still wore #Kamegbi and only the wealthy used #Gomekadigbe, there lived the story of 3 friends which overtime became a common folklore told to teach about Gratitude and #AmedekameduneO attitude.

This 3 Friends formed a “3 Man band” called #KliGbozume_Band” and were known for their heartfelt performances.

This 3 Friends were; 

#Zagunor_Kormi (KORMI),

#Dumegakpi_Woela (WOELA) and

#Heinorga_Agbebada (AGBEBADA). 

And as their names denote, #KORMI was the ZAGUNOR, which means “CHIEF DRUMMER”🪘in the Ewe language and so He played the Drums and was more like the groups Manager.

#WOELA was a DUMEGAKPI, which means “YOUNG STATESMAN” in their hometown. And He played the #Gankogui instrument and was responsible for making sure everything was in place before their events.

#AGBEBADA is the HEINORGA, which means CHIEF SINGER or MUSICIAN, and so He was the face and the voice of the group. And he handled all their “money” issues as well.

Their Musical journey begun in their small village of #KliGbozume and then fate took them to the big city where they eventually became big.

Their Band gained popularity in the city and their Star performer AGBEBADA became a buzzing STAR in town since he was the Face and Voice of the Band. 

And that was when the fame entered his head and the spirit of greed and selfishness set in and things eventually fell apart.

The #KliGbozumeBand begun playing more shows and cashing in on their talents in the cit. And their collective efforts made the group a talk of town.

But then AGBEBADA being the face of the group and the lead singer, became egoistic and felt it was his sole talent that made the group successful. He begun sidelining his 2 other friends and playing solo shows and pocketing all the money behind their backs.

And when they even played shows together, AGBEBADA took all the money and refused to give KORMI and WOELA their deserved shares.

So KORMI and WOELA complained to AGBEBADA about the situation and asked that they also need to take something home after every event because they were married folks and their Partners can’t seem to understand why they would leave them at home all alone almost every weekend to go “work”, and always come back empty handed.

They complained to their friend AGBEBADA in the presence of an elder figure from KLIGBOZUME, #Kporvitorga_Zigo”. Their issue was that always going home empty handed after their events made their wives think they were spending on other Girls who attended the events they played. And this was bringing problems between them and their partners, so all they are asking for is something fair to take home.

AGBEBADA for weeks didn’t give his friends any answer and begun working alone. He also travelled to another city and completely stopped checking on his friends.

So WOELA who had a Pregnant Wife respectfully decided to drop out of the group and focus on building his own career, so he can be able to support his family. And he soon became the Chief Announcer with a renowned Annoucement company and focused his energy on his new job.

KORMI kept working with AGBEDADA for a while but also had to drop out since it became evident that Agbebada intentionally refused to understand their need to also get paid their worth since they were now making more money.

And this is how the group was disbanded and everyone went their way quietly without a heated argument or angry exchanges. 

But then two years after, a miracle happened to KORMI and WOELA which saw them get back into the Music business and it was explosive.

Another Chief Musician named #HEINORGA_KINITSI from #AFLAWUPUTAKOPE, was also seeking to grow his crafts and was eagerly looking for a team to support him. And either by fate or the design by the cosmos, He met with KORMI through another friend named #DZONI_DZONATA.

DZORNI was like a Godfather to HEINORGA KINITSI and an elder brother figure to KORMI and WOELA. And knowing very well that KINITSI was also looking for a Drummer and Gankogui player, and Vice versa KORMI and WOELA was also looking for a Band to join so they can get back into the music game again, connected the 3 and they begun working.

HEINORGA KINITSI, unlike HIENORGA AGBEBADA understood the value in the expression “sharing is caring” and did strike a very commendable deal with KORMI and WOELA. And the cosmos smelling the energy of gratitude and togetherness, blessed that Union with fruitfulness and everything took off with speed right from the very onset.

HEINORGA kinitsi was already a bubbling Artiste but then his collaboration with the 2, saw an increase in events played and their story soon filled the airwaves with pride.

And this is when Agbebada realized he has lost this good guys to his ungrateful character and selfishness. But Ego and pride won’t let him realize his human flaws and make amends. He rather decided to rant and cry at the market square for sympathy since he knew people were asking questions and he had no reasonable answer.

He became like a bitter #Amegaxi, looking for every small  opportunity to attack and play the victim but the guys kept ignoring him every time.

And he had no reason to complain why KINITSI was working with his Guys because he had left the group on their own for over 2 years before they begun working with HEINORGA Kinitsi.

And so #Agbebada knowing well that his friends had never offended him in anyway decided to use an insult from a popular mad man on the city streets, to wrongly attack his friends. And so He went to the market square and begun crying and playing the victim mentality card to win sympathy.

But then KORMI and WOELA decided to keep ignoring him and concentrate on their projects and commitments to HEINORGA KINITSI. And He was afraid that he never directly attacked them and kept beating about the bush.

And the rant eventually backfired and everybody realized that it was his Greed and Selfishness that destroyed the group.

And so was the story as told to me by my Ancestors.


Note; This is fiction! I missed writing stories! And sorry if this looks like a real life story you know! The characters and names are all made up by my imagination. Akpe!!!

And sorry it is this long. Anytime I want to edit, then I keep adding. So youissokay!!!

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