What we did during Easter in Keta, 2024

 In our quest of finding opportunities all around Ghana to exhibit our works and collections at exhibition centers and events, we laid our foundation at the Vodza Easter Ragata.

We took the opportunity at the outstanding event organized by the indigenes of Vodza who made it a point to bring a unique way of celebrating easter in the Keta area by putting together interesting programs to promote ecotourism in the Keta/Vodza area. 

During this event, we got a stand at their exhibition center to showcase our collections from the previous events as well as visual artists who worked with us throughout our annual events to the visitors and tourists. 

We had artists like Lovi Mawuli and his crew as well as Norkplim Agbetornyo whose incredible art works were beauty to behold. Lovi Mawuli, one of the great artists in Keta who finds interest in sculpture works as well as inspiring, mentoring and teaching young artists brought along his students from the Keta Senior High school to exhibit their undiluted talents in live paintings. They did and presented a live portrait of unaware patrons of the events which brought so much smile on the faces of these patrons. Norkplim on the other hand exhibited conceptual paintings of social phenomenon but caught the attention of the Stonebwouy who was the headline artist of the event with his portrait. Stonebwouy was so happy with the kind of love shown him through arts and was left speechless.

Some photo excerpts are shown below.

Watch out for our annual xetoto arts festival this year, come join us make this year's program a memorable one. The event commences on the 31st of October 2024 and ends on the 2nd of November 2024. Be there!! 

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