Lovi Mawuli, The Sculpture wizard from Keta.


Meet Lovi Mawuli, a Visual Arts tutor at the Keta Senior High Technical School.

Mawuli is into Sculpture and Picture making arts of all kinds. He has helped so many students of the school in realizing their talents in his field as well as mentoring the students in numerous competitions in visual arts. 

Some of his recent works include; a sculpture in memory of the Late James Lutterodt an old student and a hero from the school who achieved a historic success at the National Science and Maths Quiz in 2021 but unfortunately passed away due to a short illness.

He also created a sculpture work in celebration of Selorm Gadah another old student and who won the TV3's Ghana's Most Beautiful contest in 2023.

Below are some of his works.

Monument in memory of James Lutterodt.

Selorm Gadah (Tv3's Ghana's Most Beautiful 2023 winner)

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