Afrogallonism - how the “yellow jerrycan galon” Became an essential piece of priceless art with a cultural significance - Selorm Mawuvi aka Blackocean

One outstanding Ghanaian Artist by name Serge Attukwei Clottey, whose works have been mainly Installation Performance, Sculpture and Photography has become both a local hero and an International Art sensation by turning the yellow gallons (Jerrycans) into a priceless piece of Art with a cultural significance to the Ghanaian community he hails from.
Serge had always been fascinated by the numerous uses of yellow gallons in his community since childhood and so he developed “Afrogalonism” as a way to use his creativity to raise awareness to some of society's needs and problems and then rouse local communities into action.
Serge goes through a crafty process of cutting the yellow jerrycans into small tiles and then he shapes them over an open flame, then molds the different sections he needs for his art pieces before binding them with items like copper.
And he has used this process to create some outstanding pieces of Art that has been featured in some of the most celebrated Art Museums, Art Events and notable Places around the world.
He has exhibited his Installations countless times in Ghana 🇬🇭 and in countries like Italy 🇮🇹, Denmark 🇩🇰, London, Saudi Arabia, Miami-Florida, Berlin, Los Angeles and the list goes on.
Check his credentials on Wikipedia through this link;
Serge has an Art hub in La and consistently stages Art Installations to coincide with the Homowo festivals in La. And during this events, he organizes an Art procession through the principal streets of La to promote Afrogallonism and it is definitely a sight to behold.
This years event was grand and one of my very favorite Photographers Gerard Nartey was at the @AGBUMITE 2023 and he and another fine Photographer by name @nfoningraphy took some beautiful shots of the Live performance procession by the Golokal Collective!
It was a beautiful Artistic procession and it gave life to the Homowo celebrations by the people of La Community in Accra.
Can’t wait to experience AGBUMITE 2024 next year!!!
Have added a few pictures of Art Installations and exhibition pictures Serge Attukwei has done in the recent past so you grab the concept of what he is doing with his AFROGALLONISM ideas. I know you would admire his “creative genuineness” as much as I do.

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