Donate for a Good Course; Xetoto Arts Festival embarks on a social outreach

Xetoto (ɣetoto) Arts Foundation is a team of young and vibrant brands passionate about promoting tourism in Keta (a town in the Volta region of Ghana) through entertainment, such as fine arts and performing arts.

We aim to awaken the talents and skills of the municipality's youth and bring back the youth for development. Xetoto is an Ewe (a language widely spoken by the people of the Volta Region in Ghana) word that means "sunrise".

Since 2017, we have organized annual events, including "Jamz on the bus fun trip to Keta"; the launch of the Ɣetoto Arts Festival (pre-COVID); and two series of the Ɣetoto Arts Festival (post-COVID), which aimed at promoting tourism, arts, and culture through entertainment in Keta and advance community development.

Over the years, as we organized these events, we realized through our association and networking with the people of the Keta community that there is an escalation in the engagement of unprotected sex (leading to STIs and teenage pregnancy) and a high prevalence of chronic diseases including hypertension, and diabetes in the community.

The highlights of our forthcoming Xetoto Festival of Arts and Culture are focused on African culture, concentrating on African beliefs, slavery, music, dance, and the role of science and technology in our culture. We also aim to promote safe sex and the prevention of HIV/AIDS (and other STIs), malaria, diabetes, and hypertension by partnering with health workers and companies.

We will engage in community outreach with health screenings and public health education on malaria, hypertension, diabetes, and STIs. We plan on donating malaria and HIV preventive products to the community and donating some toiletries and groceries to the Children's Ward at the Keta Municipal Hospital.
The Xetoto team pledges to reduce the risk and prevalence of health issues in the Keta community through awareness creation and education using entertainment, tourism, arts, and cultural activities, from the 30th of October to the 5th of November, 2023.

Our laudable goals and objectives can only materialize with your support and generous donation as we raise funds to embark on this impactful project.

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Name on account: Hughes Elorm Abdallah

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