Eddietex Artfarm


 Edmond Grant Wuyi-Kush was born in Aflao, a suburb of volta region in the ketu South municipality in the early 80's to one Mr. Anthony Agbenyegah Wuyi-Kush who was an ancient Art legend, highly talented and gifted in varieties of artworks. 

Edmond Grant also happened to share in the same DNA with his father, as he sleeps and wakes up with art. He is also highly talented and gifted in various aspects of artworks as paintings, realisms, abstracts, semi-abstracts, mix media, pallet knife, brass works, cement embodiments, textiles as well, batik, tie and die and also do tertiary decorations. 

He was born in a highly gifted and favored family, where he wakes up and see his siblings singing melodious songs or drawing a picture.

 That means he is born an artist. In order to maintain the prestige of his father the Art farmer, he then established a gallery and signed his artworks Eddietex Artfarm and exhibited them in well known galleries in Ghana and across the globe. This enabled him travel to countries either to exhibit  his God given talent or to train people in fine art .     

THE ARTFARM:  WISDOM AND PERFECTION: Edmond Grant get surprised of what God can use him for, when sometimes he wakes up with full of revelations in respect of almost all the varieties of art. To tell you the reasons why his artworks are different in beauty and full of creativity, he download the mind of God through his revelations in the dream and vision, that means that God himself is a creation in human vessel. "" Each art I do, if it is not beautiful and creative, then God is not beautiful, loving and the creator. My artworks ( paintings ) takes the beauty and realities of nature and they are natural.


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