Xetoto Arts Festival 2022(season 3)

 On the 4th to 6th of November, 2022 which fell on the traditional festival of the Anlos i.e. Hogbetsotso Festival, we organized another massive concert which was the third edition of the xetoto Festival of Arts and Culture in Keta. The event witnessed the greatest participation with estimated audience of not less than 700 people from far and near keta, and also was fully embraced by the people of Keta, undoubtedly, our event was one of the most patronage and best event during the season. 

The event started on Friday with a health walk dubbed "hogbetsotso walk" in collaboration with Jubilee Radio,we then had a beach camp and party with a bonfire to welcome our visitors in the evening. On Saturday we had an acts exhibition, musical and theatre night and then climaxed the event with a cultural and borborbor night on Sunday

Appreciation to our sponsors, Victor Electronics, Coastal Bay Properties, Bel-Beverages, Aborigines Beach Resort, Korba.

Our Media Partners: Jubilee Radio and Sandcity Radio, Exxtasy 360, Kokonsa Gh, Trends Meniac, Hangout TV, NK Van Official, Nyat Events, Mae Promos.

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