The Birth Of Xetoto Arts Festival (November 2019)

 November 2019, when Xetoto Arts Festival was born.    There was a mixed feeling with the organizers, knowing very well that the people of Keta are usually slow to adapting to new contents in the area especially when they do not really understand what your content is about.
The question we were asking ourselves was that if he have a zero turnout? And then one of the organisers called Edudzie a.k.a Kelele said, if the people don't show up, we have no choice but to enjoy ourselves at the event ground and go home.
We all laughed over it and continue working towards the event. At the time, Hogbetsotso was not really petronized due to Covid-19 and everyone was scared to come out of their homes for the fear of catching the virus. Knowing not that people were looking for some sort of entertainment to freshen up their minds, we started the event. 
The shock we had was the turnout at the event. We had a turnout that we least expected and this encouraged and we were so proud of ourselves. 
See excerpts of the launch below

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