Meet the Xetoto team.

Xetoto (ɣetoto) Arts Foundation is a team of young and vibrant brands passionate about promoting tourism in Keta (a town in the Volta region of Ghana) through entertainment, such as fine arts and performing arts.

We aim to awaken the talents and skills of the municipality's youth and bring back the youth for development. Xetoto (ɣetoto) is an Ewe (a language widely spoken by the people of the Volta Region in Ghana) word that means "sunrise".

Since 2017, we have organized annual events, including "Jamz on the bus fun trip to Keta"; the launch of the Ɣetoto Arts Festival (pre-COVID); and two series of the Ɣetoto Arts Festival (post-COVID), which aimed at promoting tourism, arts, and culture through entertainment in Keta and advance community development.

Xetoto Arts Festival is an annual event organized by the foundation to extend our hands to young talents and show them to the world, beautify Keta and make it attractive to tourists, exhibit the culture of the people of Anlo, promote vocational skills as well as performing arts skills.
This event is organized annually to give the indigenes of Keta a reason to come back home at least once a year and also encourage them to push or bring home development.
Hughes Elorm Abdallah, a.k.a Dat Keta Boy
C.E.O Xetoto Arts Foundation. 

Carlton Bright, a.k.a Spycer
General Manager Xetoto Arts Foundation.

Charles Anyiri, a.k.a Efo Eyram
P.R.O, Creative Director & Graphic Designer 
Xetoto Arts Foundation

Ayivor Joseph 
Official Photographer 
Xetoto Arts Foundation

Adjoa Esinam Klu 
Xetoto Arts Foundation


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